Björn Schülke, Superclub , 2002

If DJ˜s had known that automated scratching could be so humorous , it would not be an artistic invention now. The result is another form of listening to records. If the visitor is led by his curiosity and follows his play instinct, then theremins steer the turntable, electronics interacts with mechanics, sound with movement. No need to put on new records : the permanently changing and new sound constellations are a treat in themselves. The systems react to smallest changes in their surroundings, a small draft suffices, as well as a single observer who influences the systems by his own dynamic body capacity.(German Text: Georg Dietzler, trans.: hjs)

L x W x H: (cm) 80x 110 x 140. record, theremin interface, loudspeaker, microphone, motors, wood, steel

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